Керосин Aviation Jet Fuel - Colonial Grade (“JP54”)

Керосин Aviation Jet Fuel — Colonial Grade (“JP54”)

Aviation Jet Fuel — Colonial Grade (“JP54”)
Product: JP54.
Origin: Russia Federation.
Quantity: 5 000 000 bbl.
Port: FOB Rotterdam.
Price: USD$2.00 Gross / USD$1.00 Net, LESS NWE Platts Base Pricing
Index (3) Day Average.
Commission: $1.00 per bbl ($0,5 Seller side closed / $0,5 Buyer side open).
Procedure: «Rolling Spot»
1. Buyer issues ICPO+BCL+CP+PASSPORT SCAN for the Seller.
2. Seller issues COMMERCIAL INVOICE and Buyer send back with
Buyer’s TANK info (TSR).
3. The Seller calls storage farm to verify the TANK detailed in the TANK
STORAGE RECEIPTS are current, valid, and in the Buyer’s name. The
Refinery verifies the TANK STORAGE AGREEMENT / lease between the
Buyer and the TANK farm is current, valid, and in the Buyer’s name.
4. After verification of Buyer storage Full POP is provided to the Buyer.
Upon Buyer’s acceptance fuel is transported to the confirmed storage
tank of the Buyer.
5. If they choose to do so Buyer must order analysis report (DIP TEST)
on the fuel within twenty four hours of delivery to Buyer’s confirmed
6. Upon confirmation of successful DIP TEST results or Buyer
Acceptance of POP and quality and quantity of fuel the Buyer sends
payment (MT103/TT) within six hours of confirmation to the Seller as
agreed by the parties per instruction in the COMMERCIAL INVOICE.
Upon confirmation of act of transfer in Buyer’s name, Seller sends to the
Buyer, title of ownership certificate to be followed by all export
documentation. Intermediaries are paid as per the signed
7. Steps two through six repeat for all repeated lifts by the Buyer as the
Buyer’s logistics allow.

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