КУПЛЮ НЕФТЬ.... ★ katalogul


Dear Friends!
Dear Partners!
Dear Sellers!
Dear Mandates!
Dear Brokers!
Dear Agents!
Dear Intermediaries!
I want to tell you important news, so that you understand.
This message applies to all who offer oil from NNPC.
Chinese and South Korean major companies (Corporations) do not operate under the NNPC procedure.
The NNPC procedure does not comply with the standard and rules of the international trade market.
None of the serious and real Buyers of Chinese and South Korean companies in the world will accept the NNPC procedure.
You are all wasting your time in vain, until you consider, and adopt the correct standard procedure, which complies with the standard, and the rules of the international trade market, you will never be able to sell your oil to China and South Korea.
Thanks for understanding!!!

Dear friends! Dear Sellers and Agents!
I warn you immediately, the procedure of the Buyer is not negotiable.
The company is looking for Nigerian oil which is already afloat, and moving towards China, we are ready to buy it urgently, and immediately conclude a contract for 1 year on CIF terms.

Dear Friends! Dear Sellers, and Agents, BLCO Oil from Nigeria.
I can bring You to the South Korean market, and Chinese market, but only strictly according to the procedure and terms of payment of the company of South Korea, and China.
According to the rules of the international trade market.
Two State-owned Companies from South Korea urgently need BLCO Oil, and one Parastatal company from China.
Am asking to inform me if from whom there are loaded tanker and already are in path on (halfway) and go in side China, outside Contract.
At the moment, it is urgent to resolve this issue up to a maximum of 14 days and the cargo should arrive at the ports of South Korea.
Spot volumes, we are ready to buy from 6 to 10 million barrels, according to the TTO procedure.
After a successful transaction, two State-owned companies are ready to enter into a contract for one (1) year with annual prolongation, on CIF terms.
Our companies process up to 20 million barrels of oil per day.
Therefore, under the contract, we are ready to purchase very large volumes on an incremental basis by agreement.
The procedure and terms of payment for a quick transaction is attached.

Only payment terms SBLC MT760 are not accepted.

TTO procedure:

The seller issues an FCO Full Compulsory Offer. With copies of the documents of the captain’s bill of lading. The buyer signs the FCO. The buyer issues ICPO. The buyer’s bank issues a BCL or BPL letter confirming solvency. The seller provides contact with the captain to confirm the presence of cargo and the location of the vessel. The seller issues a draft contract, or a contract, for signing. The buyer signs a contract. The seller’s bank, within 5-10 days, issues PB2%. The buyer’s bank, within 5-10 days, opens a bank instrument (DLC mt 700 or BG mt 760 or mt 799 blok found). The ship is put forward to the port of discharge.

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