Продаем д2 объем 1 млн.т. под покупателя будет идти по квоте. ★ katalogul

Продаем д2 объем 1 млн.т. под покупателя будет идти по квоте.

1. After signing of the contract within two days Buyer will issue to the Seller Stand By Letter of Credit for the sum equal to the cost of 2 (two) monthly parties of the goods and validity for 395 days.
2. Seller, within 10 (ten) working days after receipt and verification of the Stand By Letter of Credit will provide to the Buyer the «Proof of Product» and issue a 2% Performance Bond of the cost of one month party supply.
3. Seller will perform delivery of the first lot of the Goods within 45 days from the date of receipt and verification of Stand By Letter of Credit in the port nominated by the Buyer
4. Payment for the each tanker party of the goods have to be made by the Buyer by direct transfer of the funds (T/T) on the account indicated by Seller within 7 (seven) banking days after receiving of the full set of shipping documents for each delivered party in Buyer’s bank.
5. Stand By Letter of Credit on the Seller’s account is a mortgage instrument and serves as a guaranty of direct payment (T/T) for the delivered goods and can be accessible to the Seller only in case of default by the Buyer to pay for the goods (T/T) within 7 (seven) days
2 % of the cost of the monthly party of the goods
“Platt’s European Marketscan” less discount $20 USD per MT on the condition C.I.F. ASWP

Russian Origin Gas Oil L 0.1/62 GOST 305-82
1. Cetane Index, min 45
2. Fractional composition:
— 50% is distilled under the temperature 0°C not more 280
— 96% is distilled under the temperature 0°C not more 360
3. Kinematic viscosity under 20° С cct 3.0-6.0
4.* Solidification °C, max -10
5.* Temperature of cloudiness °C, max -5
6. Flash point in closed crucible, 0° С, min Locomotive and vessel diesel and gas turbines 62
7. Fraction of total mass of Sulphur in per cents max 0.1
8. Fraction of total mass of mercaptan sulphur per cents max 0.01
9. Content of Hydrogen Sulfide Is absent
10. Test on Copper plate Passed
11. Content of water — soluble acid and alkali Is absent
12. Content of actual tar mg on 100 sm cub, of fuel, max 25
13. Content of water Is absent
14. Acidity mg KOH on 100 sm cub, of fuel, max 5
15 Iodine index g of iodine on 100 g of fuel, max 5
16. Ash content % max 0.008
17. Corking of 10 — per cents remainder, % max 0.2
18. Coefficient of filtration max 2.0
19. Content of mechanical admixtures Is absent
20. Destiny under 20° С kg on m cub max 860

Guaranteed period of storage — 5 (five)
5 years from the day of production

(*) Summer from March to October (PP-5.0 C)
(CP 0 C)
Winter from November to February (PP –10.0 C)
(CP –5.0 C)

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