Зарубежная компания купит D2 и JP54 ★ katalogul

Зарубежная компания купит D2 и JP54

Зарубежная компания купит D2 и JP54
Условия(процедура), по которым мы покупаем (на англ):1. Buyer issues ICPO with full bank details and BCL to Seller. (The
BCL is a must and the buyer needs to follow the given BCL format, BCL has to be signed by 2 bank officers, scan and send to the Seller directly). The Seller’s Bank will then conduct a soft probe to authenticate the BCL.

2. Seller issues FCO to be confirmed and signed by buyer.

3. Buyer signs FCO and return to Seller with a letter of acceptance.

4. Seller issues Draft Contract (Open for amendments and revisions) and
sends it to Buyer for Buyer’s signature and seal (with amendments if

5. Upon receipt and after affixing signature and seal onto the
contract, Seller transmits the final contract to Buyer.

6. Seller sends copies of the following Partial Proof of Product (POP)
documents to
a. Affidavit
b. Passport of the Product
c. Refinery commitment to produce the product
d. Refinery Certificate of incorporation
e. Confirmation Letter from the Ministry of Justice

7. Upon receipt and confirmation of the partial POP documents, Buyer to
issue the RDLC covering 100% of the monthly value.

8. Upon receipt and authentication by Seller’s bank of Buyer’s RDLC,
Seller shall send three (3) original hard copies of the final contract to Buyer via courier.
The 2% PB shall be lodged with the Buyer’s bank.

9. Upon confirmation and receipt of the Original Hard Copy of the
contract by Buyer,
Seller sends full POP to Buyer’s bank, providing the following
a. Copy of license to export, issued by Department of the Ministry of
b. Copy of Approval to export, issued by the Department of the
Ministry of
c. Copy of Statement of Availability of Product
d. Copy of the Refinery Commitment to produce the Product
e. Copy of the Contract to Transport the Product to Loading Port
f. Refinery Certificate of Product
g. Copy of Port Storage Agreement
h. Copy of Charter Party Agreement(s) to transport the Product to
i. SGS Report of the Product available for immediate lifting
j. Tank Receipts of the Product available for immediate lifting

Note: The Buyer issues the Payment Instrument (DLC) for the monthly
cargo value within 7 (seven) banking days after receipt and verification of the Full POP (proof of Product) from Seller.

10. Within 11 (eleven) working days Seller will send Buyer invitation
to Russia (Moscow) to view the allocation.

11. Delivery commences as per contract and shipment should arrive at
Buyer’s designated discharge port(s) within 25-45 days upon receipt of DLC by Seller’s bank.

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